WSM Sponsors

We at Wakesurf Media have been blessed to get to know some of the industries best names. We are very proud to have the support of NautiCurl, Wake Ballast, Agenda Surf, and more!

Nauticurl: Wakesurfing. Whether your experience with it is a pastime, family event, sport, or career, there’s one thing all riders strive for – a powerful clean wave. Our friends at NautiCurl set out to engineer an affordable way to help riders achieve that goal, and they absolutely succeeded.

Wake Ballast: Fine tuning a wave/wake can be difficult – sometimes impossible – when adjusting only passengers in the boat. Wake Ballast’s bags are compact, durable, and best of all, functional. They help us tune our wave as needed and stay hidden under the seats for a clean appearance.

Agenda Surf: Agenda is the leading manufacturer of high-quality traction geared specifically towards wakesurfing and standup padlleboarding. We use their products on our boards and have been stoked ever since. Keep your eyes on the podium this year for their “A” logo. More times than not, you’ll see it!


We’d also like to thank the support we’ve received from the following companies:

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