This or That: Stacia Bank

WSM: Shoes or flip flops?

Stacia: Flops. Because they’re easier to slip on when I’m running out the door.


WSM: Wakesurf rope with or without a handle?

Stacia: Handle for sure. I fall way too much to do a rope without a handle.


WSM: Are shoes allowed on the boat, yes or no?

Stacia: No way.


WSM: More important, wind conditions or water/air temperature?

Stacia: well who doesn’t love a hot buttery day, but I live in MN. Luckily Glidesoul keeps me equipped with cute neoprene for every temperature and our Malibu has lots of heaters.


WSM: More impactful, instaedits or full-length edits?

Stacia: I think my attention span is getting shorter. Personally, I don’t remember the last time I’ve watched a vid lasting longer than a min.


WSM: Instagram or snapchat?

Stacia: Insta


WSM: What’s worse, getting a papercut or taking a board to the shin?

Stacia: Have you ever taken a board to the shin? I don’t have scars from paper cuts. 😉


WSM: Pizza or ice cream?

Stacia: Yes please. Did you mean pizza AND ice cream? Sounds like a perfect combo. ?


WSM: Get up early for glass or sleep in and take your chances?

Stacia: Living on Lake Minnetonka, I’ve learned to be an early bird. Our kiddos aren’t early risers and they are getting pretty good at handling Minnetonka moguls.

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